Tiny Epic Zombies Review

I backed Tiny Epic Zombies on Kickstarter and received the game a few weeks ago. During our vacation in Colorado my wife and I had the opportunity to unbox and play this game. My wife generally does not like a lot of the table top games and fantasy/RPG stuff that I play, however, my wife really enjoyed playing this one with me.

Tiny Epic Zombies is a survival horror game in which 1-5 players are in a mall attempting to accomplish a number of different objectives. One player in the 3-5 mode is the zombie and is actively trying to prevent the players from accomplishing their objectives. This game has a high level of replayability due to the fact that you have several objectives, but only play 3 per game, randomly. Additionally the store map changes every game. Zombie player cards add a unique level of difficulty with their passive abilities. The game only takes 30-45 minutes to play once you’re comfortable with the ruleset. This is perfect for us, as we have two toddlers and finding much more time than that to play a game can be challenging.

This is a must have game for your collection. Overall, I’m highly intrigued and excited for Tiny Epic Zombies, so much so that I backed Gamelyn’s next in the Tiny Epic series. My largest complaint is the learning curve at the beginning of the game. My wife and I looked up play throughs on YouTube to get a sense of how it should play, because the instructions were a bit confusing. However, after having seen it in action, in addition to keeping the rulebook handy for our first couple of games, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with this game.

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Tiny Epic Zombies

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