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Howdy! Welcome to my personal weblog. I setup my site to be able to pass on my experiences and life learning to others that may be seeking the path of authentic manhood, as well as those that share my similar interests.

I think that people are complex creatures and while some focus on specific mastery of a topic, there are those of us that while not polymaths find a pulling toward activities and interests that are quite varied. My intent is to use this platform to share my thoughts on experiences and products that enhance my experience in either my pursuits or my goal to live a life of authentic manhood.

You're probably asking, "What makes you a "Modern Day Paladin", and "What makes you qualified to hold this blog"? Well, let me expand on where this came from. First, I'll start off on saying that I don't believe or profess to be an expert in manliness. I'm just a dude that decided I want to better myself and those within my sphere of influence.

My journey as a Paladin began during my Army Advance Individual Training. One of my good friends at that time was a former buddhist monks, we held a few similar interests, including fantasy role-playing games. At one point we started discussing our faiths and he pointed out to me, something I hadn't realized, that my Christian faith and my soldierly pursuits essentially made me a Paladin in terms of RPGs. Since that day he likes to occasionally ask how my pursuits as a paladin are going.

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